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Jaden Rae

Welcome! I’m happy you’re here.

My name is Jaden and I’m dedicated to teaching people the beauty of living a joyful life. This space was created to help guide you through the art of savoring simple pleasures, living a sensual life and unlocking what turns you on heart, body and mind. Learn more about me

Jaden Rae


this space was created

for you to explore yourself, learn new ways to connect and bring magic back into your life!
Jaden’s Life Motto:

Simple Pleasures,

Deeply Felt

Through mindfulness, gratitude, authenticity, and congruency, not only do we aim to manifest great things for our lives, but we place ourselves in a mode of receptivity. This allows us to make the most of the moments, connections, and synchronicities that we often miss while rushing through daily life. Simple Pleasures, Deeply Felt is all about the art of savoring—the lengthening and strengthening of each experience.

explore deeper ways of living


Creating Magical Moments

Learn Jaden’s Life Philosophy and how to bring magic not only into your own daily life, but into the lives of those around you.

Mushrooms and Mycology

See mushrooms in a whole new way! Join Jaden as she guides us through the ins-and-outs of gourmet, medicinal and psychedelic  mushrooms.

Pleasure Theory Podcast

Coming soon! Stay tuned as we prepare to delve into Jaden’s new podcast, Pleasure Theory, and explore how to add sensuality to every aspect of our lives.

magical moments are

Gratitude In Action

Diving deep into Jaden’s Life Philosophy, we define our own personal joys and harness the magic in every moment with generosity, authenticity and celebration. The Magical Moment philosophy is designed to help you choose gratitude, create joy and prosperity for a rich life.

Explore the world of mushrooms

Beyond The Button

Through her experience as an at-home cultivator, Jaden pulls back the veil and invites you ‘beyond the button’, dispelling myths and revealing the amazing benefits of gourmet, medicinal, and psychedelic mushrooms.

Let's Learn!

Focused on the enrichment of body, heart, and mind, Jaden Rae discusses how we can create magical moments, awaken our senses through sensual living, and reconnect with joy through one simple question:

“What turns you on?”