Meet Jaden Rae

Television Chef, Author,

Dog Lover & Entrepreneur  

Jaden Rae is a television chef, author of 2 best-selling cookbooks, and award-winning publisher of

Celebrating its 16th year, Steamy Kitchen is one of the biggest blogs in the world with nearly half a BILLION pageviews and over 75 million unique users. Jaden’s YouTube cooking channel has received 500,000 hours of watch-time with 14 million views.

Her two cookbooks include The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook and Steamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites. Jaden is regularly featured on such syndications as Daytime Show and The List, and was one of the chef stars on ABC’s Recipe Rehab Show. 

– Jaden Rae
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I’m a single mom of two teen boys – they both happen to be at peak “smart-ass” phase at the moment. I also have a rescue pup named Reilly, whose bite is literally just as bad as his bark. When I first rescued him earlier this year, I had three pairs of welding gloves scattered around the house, just to handle him. After months of training, unconditional love and patience, Reilly has eased into a trusting, playful and curious little guy. He’s fiercely protective of me, which makes dating a little more interesting.



The last time I worked as an employee was sometime in 1998. I was 26 years old. Since then, I’ve always worked for myself, as a marketing consultant in the wine industry, a life coach, a cooking instructor, and now we are celebrating our 17th year at Steamy Kitchen. I remember when I first launched Steamy Kitchen in 2005 – it was one of the very first food blogs, and people thought I was crazy for publishing recipes on the Internet! Twitter was just an idea on a napkin, and Instagram wouldn’t be launched for another 5 years!

Yep, I’m one of the O.G.’s. 

kitchen counter 


It all started with a kitchen countertop grow kit for lion’s mane mushroom. Watching the mycelium (the root system of the mushroom) creep and spread out all over the block, and then magically sprout little mushroom heads was fascinating. Then, as if the mushroom ate a magic growing bean, it just grew and grew and grew into a lumpy, spongy mass the size of my head!I began studying the healing power of mushrooms – did you know that 40% of the pharmaceuticals on the market today come from mushrooms or fungi?! Medicines such as penicillin, immuno-suppressants, and anti-cholesterol medications have origins in fungi. In addition to medicinal and culinary mushrooms, I also began microdosing psilocybin (magic mushrooms.) Learn more about my psilocybin journey here.