Microdosing Guide and Journal


A Complete Step-by-Step Microdose Guide to Safely Source, Track, & Customize Your  Medicinal Mushroom Journey


International Bestseller in 4 countries! 

The first of its kind, the Microdosing Guide and Journal reached bestseller status across 4 countries, including Australia, Canada, the US and the UK, and was #1 in 14 categories on Amazon! We are pleased to support fellow microdosers on their journeys and proud to be a part of the growing psychedelic movement.


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A combination of step-by-step guide and journal, all in one.

This revolutionary tutorial-workbook combination was created as a companion for those who microdose (or who are looking to start) and as a way to track and reflect on their journey. Throughout the guide chapters, you’ll learn the benefits of microdosing (and the science behind their ability to beat depression and anxiety), how to safely source your medicine, how to create your own protocol, as well as microdosing testimonials from others in the community. The journal provides an innovative way to track your dosage, experiences, emotions, daily activities, and your personal growth over time.


For beginners, starting a microdosing journey can be exciting… and a little scary!

 Off the bat, you’re met with a barrage of questions: 

  • “Where do I get it?”
  • “What am I hoping to feel?”
  • “How much do I take?”
  • “How do I know if it’s the right dose?”
  • “What’s the right strain for me?”
  • “How can I track my progress?”
  • “What if I take too much?!”

The whole process can feel very intimidating, especially on top of the hardships that have likely led you to seek alternative medicine.

Check out the video below to learn more about author Jaden’s story and why the Microdosing Guide and Journal was created!

This journal was created for

microdosing beginners, anyone who has considered alternative therapy to enrich their lives, and current microdosers seeking the optimal way to track their progress.

What’s included?

Microdosing Journey Roadmap 

Think of this book as your own personal microdosing roadmap, instilling you with confidence in your knowledge of the medicine, dosage levels, protocols and so much more. With our step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to begin your fulfillment journey safely and discreetly and know you’re not alone.

Intention and Integration Sections

 The guided worksheets are a great way to get started and set your intentions. Our interactive pages encourage you to fully realize what matters most to you, where you are now, and where you’d like to be in the next 60 days.

60 Days of Daily, Weekly, Monthly Journal Pages to Track 

The Microdosing Guide And Journal comes equipped with daily, weekly, and even monthly pages to track each step of your microdosing experience and prompts you to document your thoughts, realizations, emotions, lessons and other important factors of your progress along the way.

Stories from Jaden and Testimonials from the Microdosing Community

Connect and learn from Jaden Rae and the entire microdosing community! Read exclusive interviews from fellow microdosers, learn from the experience of others and see that every microdosing journey is unique. 

“This book unlocks the secrets to making microdosing accessible to anyone looking to live a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.”

– Willy Myco, Trip Team Family

"If you're tired of the numbness that comes with traditional meds and are curious about what microdosing can do for you, this is the MUST-HAVE guide to get you safely started."

Danny L., South Carolina

“The Microdosing Guide and Journal is one of the most powerful tools I have ever used for my microdosing journey.”

– Jenny S., Los Angeles, California

A Sneak Peek At The Book:

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About the Author

Jaden is a television chef, author of 2 best-selling cookbooks, and an award-winning publisher of SteamyKitchen.com.

With over 8 million pageviews and over 550,000 unique users per month, SteamyKitchen.com is one of the largest blogs in the world. Her YouTube cooking channel has received 500,000 hours of watch time with 14 million views.Jaden has authored two cookbooks: The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook and Steamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites. 

She has also been a contributing food columnist for Discovery Health, TLC and The Tampa Tribune Newspaper.Jaden is dedicated to teaching people the beauty of living a sensual, joyful life. She specializes in the exploration of finding your authentic, sensual voice and manifesting flow in your everyday life through her life philosophy, “simple pleasures, deeply felt.”She documents her microdosing journey on JadenRae.com and @heyjadenrae on Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am an experienced Microdoser. Is this book for me?

Definitely! The Microdosing Guide And Journal works as an interactive tool to track each unique microdosing journey with daily, weekly, and monthly pages, so you can document your experience, witness your progress and reflect on your growth.

I have never tried microdosing before. Is this book a good place to start?

It’s a great place to start! The guide portion of this book was written specifically for those who have recently started–AND those who are simply curious about starting–a microdosing practice. Starting a microdosing journey, or even considering whether it’s right for you, often comes with an intimidating amount of research and education. There’s just SO much information out there! 


I wrote this book with that in mind. It’s the guide I wish I’d had when I started my own journey. It features all of the information you need to know from the ground up, from what psychedelics are to extraction recipes and everything in between.

I am not sure about my microdosing protocol. Can this book help me?



Whether you’ve yet to start a protocol or you’re looking to fine-tune the one you’re on, the Microdosing Guide And Journal can help you optimize your personal medicinal schedule and dosage amount. We start by laying out what the most trusted protocols are (and we recommend choosing one to start with). Filling out your Daily Journal Pages will further help you to explore how you feel on your chosen protocol and, based on the goals you set in the guided worksheets, if you need to make adjustments along the way.

I want to learn about other people's microdosing journeys. Do you share any community resources?

We do! In fact, there’s a whole chapter called Stories From the Microdosing Community that features an in-depth look at the personal experiences of current microdosers and what lessons as a result of their own journeys.

What is included in the journal pages? Is this a daily or weekly journal?

It’s both and so much more!

Before you step into the  journal pages, you’ll be introduced to our guided worksheets, which allow you to explore, well… YOU! This is the area where you’ll be prompted to set your intentions, support system, 60 day goals and create a roadmap for the month ahead. These are the roots of your microdosing journey–a reminder of what you want out of this practice and an action plan for your desired trajectory.

Once you’ve completed this section and you’re ready to begin microdosing, the Daily Journal Pages are there to track your journey! They will encourage you to document your dosage, gratitudes, intentions, mood, challenges, lessons and insights. 

At the end of every seven days, you’ll be met with a Weekly Review, which will ask you to reflect on your wins, future plans, and a deep dive into key areas of your life where the medicine may have made an impact. 

After the 30 and 60 day mark, you’ll discover the Monthly Reflection pages. This is a space to document any big shifts in your perspective or mentality, as well as what worked, what didn’t work, what you can improve on, and what to leave behind as you advance into your next month of microdosing. It also features an assessment wheel that allows you to rate and reflect on your satisfaction with each area of your life.

Are there any bonuses included?

Oh yes! Each purchase of the Microdosing Guide and Journal comes with access to a Detox Days Recipes download and LOADS of Extraction Recipes to show you all the amazing (and tasty) ways in which you can enjoy your medicine!

I want to buy the kindle version, but want to print out pages. Is this an option?

Of course! Each Kindle purchase includes a printer-friendly PDF of all our interactive guided worksheets and journal pages so you can follow along!

Connect. Integrate. Expand.

Get your new microdosing companion and begin your journey of connection, integration and expansion.

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