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Check out Jaden Rae’s recent media appearances below.

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Podcast Appearances

stacey lauren podcast

Do The Thing with Stacey Lauren

Jaden shares insights into finding her life purpose, magic mushrooms and starting her entrepreneurial journey as a blogger.

Lawrence Dunning podcast

Enter The Lionheart with Lawrence Dunning

Jaden speaks with Lawrence about her new Microdosing Guide And Journal and how microdosing saved her life from years of depression.

gems podcast

GEMS Podcast with Genesis Amara Kemp

We talk with Genesis on microdosing basics, how it can elevate mood and the importance of journaling throughout your microdosing journey.

Beyond the Button - Healing with Mushrooms with Jaden Rae

The Existential Empath with Tonia Marie

In this episode Tonia and Jaden go beyond the button (mushroom that is!) about the healing power of functional and magic mushrooms!

justin otto podcast

Dharma Junkie with Justin Otto

Justin and Jaden talk about microdosing, building a business from the ground up and the lessons she took from both to aid in her wellness journey.

justin otto podcast

The TripSitting Podcast with Cam Leids

Cam & Jaden discuss the journey of life and the struggles that come along with it. Jaden is vulnerable and honest about the highs and the lows and her journey with  microdosing. 


Television Appearances

daytime television jaden rae

3 Ways to Add the Magic of Mushrooms to Your Diet

Jaden Rae joins national show The List to guide you beyond the button, teaching you the health benefits of fungi and bringing you 3 easy recipes featuring gourmet mushrooms!

recipes on the list jaden rae

The MIND Diet

Based on a combination of the Mediterranean Diet and the Dash diet, the MIND Diet focuses on foods that can boost brain function and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Jaden brings you delicious recipes to boost cognition and fight disease!

the list jaden rae

3 Ways to Fight Seasonal Sadness with Food

Jaden shares her insight with The List on seasonal depression and shows you 3 amazing recipes that all feature an array of mood-boosting nutrients to help you achieve wellness!


Speaking and Events

the divine assembly

The Divine Assembly's Summer Revival Festival

Featured as a Special Guest Speaker at the June event in Utah, Jaden spoke about her new book and shared how to make Whippit Lemon Tek with the community!

social register network workshop

Social Register Network's Media Manifestation Workshop

Hosted by Social Register Network, Jaden’s workshop focused on how entrepreneurs could turn small media opportunities into big growth for their business! 

lunch n learn life motto

Zappos Mindfulness Monday Lunch 'N Learn

Through in interactive remote course, direct from her kitchen, Jaden spent time with Zappos employees around the country, teaching them sushi handrolling techniques and how to create your life motto in order to live your purpose.


Media & Publications 

Psychedelic Plant Medicines – Vegas Cannabis Magazine March 2023

Psychedelic Plant Medicines – Vegas Cannabis Magazine March 2023

Psychedelic Plant Medicines A Place To Discuss By: Jaden Rae Disclaimer: In regards to the plant medicines mentioned in this article, not all may have legal status within your area. Check with and adhere to your local laws. We do not encourage illegal activity, nor...

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