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​Are you ready for our third installment of our Practical Ways to Practice Self Love series? ​

(Don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2!)

​It might not seem that revolutionary, but, trust me… ​ ​

𝐓𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐚 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐨𝐟𝐟. ​

day off desk relax no work

​And no, I’m not talking about calling out from work only to clean your entire house, do all your laundry, file your taxes, etc.

Take a REAL day off.  ​

According to a study done by Glassdoor, Americans have a number of reasons to avoid taking a day off. These include:

  • Fear of falling behind at work, upsetting their boss, or worrying about overwhelming the rest of the team with work.
  • Fear of missing out on an important work project, decision, or meeting.
  • Fear of upcoming layoffs, resulting in saving up vacation time to pay out just in case.
  • The inability to afford a vacation.
  • The need to check emails and messages at all times, so why bother?

But a 2017 survey found that over 80% of managers agreed time off improves health and wellbeing, boosts morale, and alleviates burnout.

Time away from work is also great for

  • resetting yourself mentally
  • improving your focus
  • remembering who you are, and
  • rekindling relationships

resetting your life

​Taking a day off doesn’t mean you have to do nothing. It just means you do what you need to do to recharge.  ​


​Here are some ideas for your day off: ​ ​


Take a break from digital responsibilities.

no posting emails

If you’re able, don’t check your email. You are truly off the clock.  ​


​​Take a midday nap.  ​

sleepy time afternoon

Afternoon naps reduce fatigue, increase your reaction time, and improve your mood and memory!


Say NO.

refuse what drains you

It’s YOUR day. Say “no” to things you don’t feel like doing and people you don’t feel like engaging with for one day.  ​ ​​


Treat yourself.

cheesecake dessert

Go shopping just for you. Buy yourself something nice. Grab your favorite dessert. (My current vice is DQ Blizzards!) ​


​​Read a book you’ve been meaning to catch up on. ​

reading a book in bed

Immerse yourself in an entirely different world all from the comfort of your bed!


Have a one-person dance party in your living room!  ​ ​

dancing around in your bedroom

Let loose! Go wild! Music and dance are a mood-boosting combination!


Take a bath. ​

take a relaxing bath in the tub

There’s nothing quite like a good soak to for full mind-body relaxation.


​Get a massage.  ​

getting a relaxing massage

Whether you sit in a chair all day or lift heavy objects around, a massage can do WONDERS for resetting your body!


​Make something.

get creative

A collage? Muffins? A Tiktok dance? Anything! ​Get those creative juices flowin’!


Try something new.

pottery wheel clay class

Take a class. Go axe-throwing. Visit a gallery. Trying something new increases your skillset, helps you make new memories and earns you confidence by pushing you from your comfort zone!


Nature it up.

eating food in the park

Hit a hike or have a park picnic.


What will YOU do with your day off?