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Many people are curious about microdosing, but few take the time to flesh out what they really want out of the experience.

Intention-setting is so vital to your microdosing journey. Not only does it provide you clarity around the purpose of your practice and set up goals for you to aim toward, but it creates a starting point that will allow you to compare to your growth as you move forward. Our Microdosing Guide And Journal contains an entire interactive workbook chapter centered around reflection and setting intention that can help you easily build out your purpose and path.

microdosing guide and journal

Here are some other great questions to ask yourself before beginning your journey that can provide you some focus points and inner reflection. (Writing the answers out in a journal of your own is highly encouraged!)

What am I hoping to get out of this microdosing experience?

setting intentions and purpose

While some people microdose for depression or anxiety relief, others do so to overcome addiction. Some do it for headaches, sleep cycle regulation, creativity enhancements, meditation, or more ease in social situations. Whatever your purpose, writing down what you hope to get from the experience will help you to focus on those things and track your grown in those areas with each passing month.


What’s going on in my life right now?


This question is solely to document where you’re at before you begin your microdosing journey. Jot down where you’re at in your professional life, social life, family life and relationships, as well as how you feel emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Be sure to include how much relaxation time you’re getting, what your recreational time consists of, your general health and your overall satisfaction level for your life. The more detail you write down, the better. You are in a moment in time. One stop on a long path. This is your chance to create a reference point that you can look back on down the road.


What does happiness look like to me?

what makes me feel alive

Is it peace? Quiet? Productivity? Growth? Consistently hitting goals? Learning new things? Being surrounded by family? Traveling? Finding appreciation in small beauties? What does it feel like? Warm? Serene? Excited? Calming?

Happiness is unique to everyone. The best way to be in happiness is to first define it for ourselves. Want to take it one step further? What ignites your soul and makes you feel truly alive?


What are some of my repetitive patterns that trip me up?

habits self sabatoge

We all have those unhealthy (or just unhelpful) reoccurring patterns in our lives that throw us off our game, assist in our self-sabotage, and keep us from being who we want to be. This question is meant to simply create awareness around those patterns and bring them into the light. If they come up along our journey, we’ll be able to easily identify them, call them out, and maybe (just maybe) give ourselves a chance to respond differently. This introspection is not meant to beat ourselves up in any way, so don’t allow that unhealthy pattern to become a part of the process. It’s simply meant to be a means to identify our patterns in action.


What am I looking to release from my life?

letting go

We may not currently be in a place to change our lives in a big way, but prior to our microdosing journey is a great time to think about what we could live without. It may be old habits, addictions, routines or beliefs that no longer serve us. It might be stuff or people that no longer bring us joy. It could be putting limits on things like media intake or scrolling. It can even be mental spirals we subscribe to like negative self-talk or assuming the worst. Whatever it is, set your intention by making a list of all the things you’re looking to release.


What would I like to invite into my life?

attracting and manifesting

With the release of certain things in our lives, we make room for better things! These might be opportunities or time for relaxation, hobbies, education, travels, better habits like exercise and meditation, new experiences, authentic connections, love or anything really! The first step to manifesting good things into your life is to list out those good things. This will also give a great sense of direction along our journey!


Is it a good day to start?

weekend or day off

Proper set (mindset) and setting (place) is something that is often talked about when planning for trip doses of psychedelics. But it also plays into microdosing in many ways. Your first few times microdosing should be on days when you don’t have too much to do, you’re not working, and when you’re not obligated to socialize with many people. That way, you have the time and space to feel out the dose and see if it’s too high or too low for your personal needs. If you’d prefer to have someone around, make sure it’s a friend or loved one that you trust and that you feel comfortable with. Microdoses are meant to be sub-perceptual, meaning you should have no “trip” effects such as euphoria or visuals, making it much more mild and laid back than macrodoses, but it’s still best to ensure you’re in a good place for your first time.


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