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Experience a Psychedelic Journey Without The Psychedelics

By Jaden Rae

Disclaimer: We do not encourage illegal activity. Check with and adhere to your local laws. We do not claim psychedelics or plant medicine to be a substitute for professional medical care. Always consult with your doctor. The goal of this article is to promote entertainment, safety and education.

As someone who has struggled with addiction, depression and anxiety, I know how hard it can be to find peace and purpose in this noisy world. The constant stress and distractions can make it tough to hear our inner voice, and when we do, we find that it’s often more a bully than an ally. Psychedelics are an amazing shortcut to silencing the static and tapping into your frequency, and while many are interested in exploring the possible peace that they have to offer, hesitation and fear keeps them from the experience. In addition, many have workplaces with strict policies against psychedelics and cannabis.

What if there was a way to tap into the transformative power of psychedelics without using any external substances?

Well, you can! My team is working on a catalogue of guided journeys that are specifically designed to simulate a psychedelic trip. While we record and compile these digital experiences, here are a few methods to try for yourself in the comfort of your home:

  1. Binaural beats: Binaural beats are a type of sound wave therapy that can induce a meditative state in the listener. By playing different frequencies in each ear, the brain can be entrained to a specific state of mind. There are many binaural beat recordings available online that are designed to simulate the effects of specific substances, such as psilocybin or LSD. I recommend the BrainTap, Beatfulness and Binaural Beats apps.
  2. Breathwork: Did you know that your brain releases DMT naturally? This happens at the moment of birth, the moment of death, and some experts say that the right breathwork techniques can also release DMT as well. Breathwork meditation involves controlled breathing techniques to help calm the mind, reduce stress, and induce a state of inner peace. I recommend Colter Smith or Leland Holgate, both transformational breathwork specialists who teach here in Las Vegas.
  3. Guided visualization: Listening to a recorded meditation that guides you through a mental journey can be a powerful tool for accessing the inner self and gaining clarity. There are many guided visualizations available online that are specifically designed to simulate the effects of specific substances. My favorite one is “Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace” by Susie Mantell.
  4. Nature immersion: Spending time in nature can be a powerful tool for accessing the inner self and gaining clarity on your path forward. By immersing yourself in natural surroundings, you can quiet the mind and connect with the natural rhythms of the earth. This can be as simple as taking a walk in the woods or sitting by a lake, and really tuning into the “simple pleasures, deeply felt” mantra. Better yet, combine sitting in nature with any of the above suggestions.

What if you’re seeking to share a more immersive sober-psychedelic experience with a community of like-minded people? We have that covered too.

Psychedelic Journeys Without Psychedelics is a multi-sensory experience designed to help you quiet the mind, turn inward, and connect with your intuition and inner voice through the use of binaural beats, soul-stirring music, awe-inspiring visuals, and uplifting scents. We founded and shaped this event with a deep respect for everything that plant medicines offer and under the belief that with the right guided “set and setting,” anyone can access a life-changing journey and experience the transformative power of everything they already are, no substances required.

It’s important to note that we do not view this as a replacement for psychedelic experiences. Rather, it’s an alternative for those who may not be ready or able to have a psychedelic journey, or who simply want to explore different ways of tapping into their inner selves. Our approach is grounded in the same open-minded states present in psychedelic experiences, dreams, and meditations.

So, what can you expect from Psychedelic Journeys Without Psychedelics? First and foremost, you can expect a safe and supportive environment. Our facilitators are trained to guide you through the experience, and we take great care in creating a space that is conducive to deep inner exploration. You can also expect a variety of sensory experiences that are designed to help you access different states of mind.

One of the key benefits of this experience is that it can help you tap into your intuition and inner voice. By silencing the noise of the outside world, you can connect with your own inner wisdom and gain clarity on your path forward. This can be particularly helpful if you’re feeling stuck or uncertain about a decision you need to make. By tapping into your intuition, you can gain a deeper understanding of what you truly want and need in your life.

Another benefit of this experience is that it can help you cultivate a sense of groundedness and inner peace. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves. By taking the time to turn inward and connect with our inner selves, we can cultivate a sense of calm and centeredness that can help us navigate life’s challenges with greater ease.

Ultimately, Psychedelic Journeys Without Psychedelics is about offering people an alternative way to access the transformative power of psychedelic experiences. By creating a safe and supportive environment, and utilizing a variety of sensory experiences, we help people tap into their intuition, cultivate a sense of inner peace, and gain clarity on their path forward. We believe that everyone has the ability to access these states of mind and experience profound personal growth, and we’re honored to be able to offer this experience to those who are ready and willing to explore.

If you’re interested in our live events, join us on Saturday, May 20th (weekend of EDC!) and also Saturday, June 17th, 8am to midnight, at Area 15’s Radiance Wellness & Music Festival, a true celebration of what ignites the mind, body and soul. This festival will highlight international yoga facilitators, wellness speakers, guest DJs and a multi-venue concert series featuring world-renowned musical talent, including Matisyahu, The Original Wailers, Cydeways and DJ Taz Rashid. Head over to Area 15’s website ( for tickets and more information.

About the Author:

Jaden Rae is a Las Vegas resident and international best-selling author of the Microdosing Guide And Journal. She hosts a free weekly Magic And Glow Mondays zoom call at and provides tools to enhance emotional well-being, find meaning, create magic, nourish souls and enrich lives. Jaden has been featured on the Today Show, The Early Show, Martha Stewart Radio, Fox Business News and more. You can find her on Instagram @magicandglowco.


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