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I’m back again with the Whippit (or whipping siphon) and nitrous oxide (whipping cream chargers) to tell you about this Whippit Ethanol Tek Recipe! Once you’ve mastered the art of using a whipping syphon, you’ll be able to make a wide variety of interesting tek recipes, including the Psilo Toostie Roll, which I’ve outlined below!

Psilo Tootsie Roll Extraction

Ingredients for this Whippit Ethanol Tek Recipe:

  • 5 grams dried mushrooms
    ½ cup culinary ethanol or Everclear 190 proof
  • Whippit or whipping siphon
  • 2 whipping cream/N2O chargers
    Mesh strainer
  • Coffee filter (basket style made of paper)

How to Make this Whippit Ethanol Tek Recipe

  1. Crush the dried mushrooms with your fingers, a mortar and pestle, or just chop up with a knife. Add the mushrooms and the ethanol into the whipping siphon. 
  2. Close lid securely, and let sit for 20 minutes. 
  3. Charge the whippit with N2O. Shake whippit gently a few times. Charge again with new N2O charger. Shake gently again. Let sit for a minimum of 20 minutes or overnight (I prefer overnight.) Let sit for minimum of 20 minutes. Release the pressure.
  4. Strain in mesh strainer fitted with a coffee filter and gently squeeze the solids to get all of your extraction.

Got it down? Now try this!

Make Psilo Tootsie Roll

  1. Pour the strained ethanol onto a large glass pyrex baking dish. Leave uncovered, somewhere NOT in your kitchen or anywhere near an open flame (but somewhere dust-free).
  2. Let the ethanol evaporate off until you are left with crystals and dried brown, sticky tar like substance. 
  3. Use a pastry bench scraper, razor blade or metal spatula to scrape and collect the Psilo Wax. 
  4. Place the Psilo Wax on parchment paper, and roll the wax into a long log (this is called a Psilo Tootsie Roll) and wrap to cover and protect. Use a sharp paring knife or razor blade to shave off your desired dosage. 


TO DOSE: Remember your starting weight of mushrooms (in our recipe we used 5 grams). Weigh your Psilo Tootsie Roll on a gram scale. Divide total weight of Psilo Tootsie Roll by 5 grams to get dosage per gram.