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I’ve been using the Magical Butter machine since they first launched in 2013. Back then, my son was diagnosed with epilepsy and suffering from chronic headaches. I was experimenting with cannabis and making Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and other herbal topicals to treat my boy (thank goodness he’s all healed now!)

One day, I decided to throw in dried mushrooms and see if I could create an extraction. YES! It worked! Using the Magical Butter machine, I could make Psilo Butter, Psilo Coconut Oil, and Psilo Tinctures.

Mushroom Extraction

The machine grinds, heats, steeps and infuses liquids with any botanicals. You can choose the temperature and infusion time. 

The only downside of the Magical Butter Machine is that it requires a minimum of 2 cups (16 ounces) of liquid, which means you’ll be using that much ethanol in each batch.


Can this be used for lemon tek?

Yes, but the Magical Butter machine needs a minimum of 2 cups of liquid to operate. That’s a lot of lemons to squeeze, unless you are using… (drumroll, please) Super Lemon Juice! Are you curious?! Check out this post on how you can turn 2 lemons into 2 cups of lemon juice. I mean… SUPER lemon juice.